Setting up your Star TSP 100 (143) LAN printer on Precision Systems

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Updating to iOS 14+ on iPad will ask you to grant the Precision application the authorizations to access the Bluetooth and local network settings on your iPad.

If you refuse, your printer will stop working. To resolve this issue, make sure Bluetooth and LAN permissions are enabled in Settings -> Sales Register on your device.


This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to install a Star TSP 100/143LAN for iPad. Follow the instructions below. 


Device checklist


In order to set up your receipt printer with your iPad, you must first ensure that you have all the necessary peripherals.




You will need a power cable for the printer and an Ethernet cable to connect the printer to your Internet router. If you don't already have an Ethernet cable, ask your printer supplier to include one when you purchase the printer or buy one at your local electronics store.


Receipt rolls:


Make sure you have 80mm receipt rolls ready to use. To load your receipt roll, open the latch at the top right of the printer, place the roll inside and pull out some of the paper before closing the cover.


Cash Drawer (optional):


You may also want to set up your cash drawer at the same time, to do this you will need a specialized cash drawer cable. This looks like an Ethernet cable but is smaller at one end.


Before you begin:


1. Plug the Ethernet cable into your router and connect the other end to the printer. The Ethernet port is the port on the back left of the printer.

2. Next, plug the power cord into the printer's power connector and into your main (AC) power supply.




Your printer must be in pairing mode or it will not pair with your iPad. If you see the message "Pairing Unsuccessful", hold down the PAIR button on the printer for 5 seconds and try again.


Checkpoint 1: 

At this point, your printer must be connected to your network. Hold down the feed button and turn on the printer. This will print two slips. The second sheet should have the IP address of the printer if the connection is successful.



Please note:

Your IP address will be different from the one shown in the image above.

3. On your iPad, connect to your store's WiFi connection.

Open the Precision app and tap the Settings icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen.


2. From the sidebar on the right side of your screen, select "Printer". 

> "Add a printer" to generate the "add a printer" form:

3. Give your printer a name so that you can easily recognize it if you have several, e.g. "Main printer", select its make and model and then press "Find", the Precision application will find your printer and connect to it.


Then choose an automatic printout of the receipt after each sale by activating the button "Automatically print receipt at the end of the sale". 

For an automatic opening of the cash drawer, connect to the cash drawer by activating the "Activate Cash Drawer" button.

If you are a printer, press the "Print test receipt" button to check that the connection has been established correctly. 


Make a test sale to ensure your setup is successful. Don't forget to cancel the test sale after your receipt is printed!

After that you can go back to running your business.