Ordering from the central purchasing unit - Store restocking request from the POS

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When in-store product inventories start to run low and reach critical levels, the cashier or manager can submit a replenishment request from his or her Precision Systems POS terminal to the central purchasing unit that supplies the company's stores network or simply to the administrator in charge of restocking.


To do this, simply follow these steps: 


  • Open your Precision Systems POS application from the mobile device you have assigned to the cash register 

  • Unlock your cashier or manager session


  • Go to the "Menu" by pressing the 3 lines located in the upper left part of your screen 

  • In the " Supply " section, choose the " Orders follow-up " rubric.

  • Then press the "+Add" button located on the upper right side of your screen


  • Then choose "Request replenishment".


You will have on your screen all the products of your catalog

  • Proceed to fill in the quantities of products you want to order for the store by using the numeric keypad located in the upper right part of your screen that you can open by pressing the keyboard icon 



To order 10 t-shirts: 

  • Press "10" on the numeric keypad on the right



  • Then click on the product "t-shirt" in the catalog on the left.



  • Complete the operation by filling in the required quantities of the rest of the products, then press "validate". 


Your replenishment request will then be sent,

The administrator will be able to receive it from his or her myPrecision administrator account.


Once the request is approved the grey circle (for "Pending Approval" will turn yellow for "Approved and in process" which will then turn green when you will receive and record the reception of the ordered products)


Find out how to process replenishment requests received from the POS on the administrator interface in the article "Process of processing a replenishment request issued from the POS" and how to proceed with the registration of an order reception in the article "How to record an order reception in store".