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Have you successfully finished configuring Precision on your IPad?

If the answer is "No", we invite you to review the Precision Setup Guide for your hardware 

If the answer is yes, congratulations!

You are now ready to experience Precision.

This article was written to assist you during the initial tour.

The tour includes demonstration videos and a spotlight to help you get started with your new Precision workstation.

Ready to get started?

Start by entering your temporary access code to be modified: 123123 for starters!

Proceed to open the cashier by pressing the 'open cashier' button as shown in the demo video 

Note that:

You can review the demo video by pressing the thumbnail.

Press on "open cash register", then enter the amount of the cash float at the time of the opening of the session on the numerical keyboard displayed then validate.

Note that:

The cash float you enter will be retrieved for the calculation of variances.

Its entry time at the opening and closing of the session will correspond respectively to the opening and closing time of the store.

You can consult this information on "Store summary" from your Iphone or Ipad, and on "Cash management" from your web interface.


Discover your Precision workspace now

 In this tour, we've provided a test catalog so that you can become familiar with the tool and learn how to use Precision's various features before creating your own catalog

You can search for products in the catalog from the search bar at the top of your screen, using the product name, a related keyword or even a part number.

The Filter function allows you to filter your products by category or brand when viewing them.

The Filter function allows you to sort by product category or brand according to the catalog pre-configured by the administrator.

The switch between filter by category or brand is accessible from filter 2 by pressing the 3 dots that follow vertically.

This second filter allows you to customize the content of filter 1 to display either the brands or the categories of products, but also to sort by type of product: raw materials, semi-finished or finished.

The Scanner function will allow you to do without the use of a handheld scanner by activating the camera of your IPad/IPhone to act as a barcode reader.


Click on one of the products in the displayed catalog to add it to your customer's cart and make your first sale

Note that:

Press the product several times to multiply its quantity as many times as needed.


Continue the operation by choosing the quantity ordered of the selected product.

Note that:

At this level the price of the product displayed corresponds to the one you indicated when you inserted it.

However, you can modify it by consulting our article: How to modify product data in Precision.

You can apply a discount by entering the percentage rate to be deducted in the "Discount" field or by modifying the price directly from the "Price" box.



The total amount of the order and the number of items added to the cart are shown in the lower right part of your screen.

In this part you can discount the total amount, add a note to the transaction (which you can choose to print on the ticket), and an identifier by going to each of the tabs corresponding to these options.

Then proceed by pressing the "Pay" button to collect your customer.

Thus, you will land on the payment screen where the total amount due, will be displayed 


Note that:

It is possible to modify the amount to be collected directly by pressing on the field where it is displayed (to split the ticket and divide the bill or other ...)

At this level and once the customer has paid his due, select the means of payment used by the latter among those proposed on the screen.

Once the selection is made, the outcome of the sale will have been recorded, and the loop will be closed. 

Note that:

You will be able to find all the sales transactions made in your sales history by going to "Today's Transactions" from the menu

To return to the sales screen from the menu press "Counter orders".

Maintenant que vous savez comment effectuer une vente,

Nous allons procéder à la fermeture de la caisse.

Pour fermer la session de caisse en cours commencer par appuyer sur "Clôture de la session” dans le menu,

Then enter your cash, check or EFT receipts on your closing screen.

Notez que:

Le clavier numérique affiché dans la partie droite de votre écran de clôture vous permet de renseigner le nombre de billets ou de pièces ou le montant des chèques et des opérations par carte.


  • Pour 2 billets de 50, entrez “2” sur le clavier numérique puis choisissez “50 €” dans les billets proposés dans la partie gauche de l’écran.
  • Pour un paiement par carte d’un montant de 1200€, entrez 1200 sur le clavier numérique puis choisissez “TPE”

Once you have finished recording the cash receipts for the session, press "Enter" to enter the amount of the cash float at the end of the session and then press "OK".

Note that:

The session closure is the receipt that summarizes the sales made during a session (given period).

When you press the session closure button, you will be asked to choose between :

X cash desk: This action materializes the end of the current user's responsibility for cash receipts, leaving room for another user to open a new session under his/her responsibility.

End of day: This action marks the end of the last session of the day.


At this point you have successfully completed the first part of your tour.

You are now ready to start the second part in which you can insert your products and create your catalog.

To add a first product to your catalog press "+Product"


Note that:

There are 2 ways to build your catalog in Precision:

1- Add your products individually using the "+Product" quick add feature

2- Import your products in bulk with a csv 

In the dialog box that will be displayed, choose an image for your product from your library, using the camera, or other …

Then define the name of your product in the "Product label" field,

and its price in the field that follows,

Change the VAT rate in case it is a specific product, to which the rate given in the configuration does not correspond.

Note that:

The VAT rate that will be applied by default to the products will correspond to the rate that you will have informed during the configuration.

Enter the numbers of the barcode corresponding to the product, then press next to assign it to a category.

In this step you have two options:

1- Assign the product to an existing category

by pressing the appropriate category from the list displayed and then validate.

2- Create a new category (to eventually assign it to) 

by pressing "+ Add". 

Then choose an image, a label (title), and a color code to your category and validate.

Note that:

Choosing a different color for each of the categories you have created will allow you to recognize, when flying over your catalog, the products that are assigned to it.

Now press on the category that corresponds to your product and then press "validate" to confirm the assignment

Note that:

Your categories appear at the top of your catalog,

Each of the products in your catalog will have a top border in the color of the corresponding category.