How to perform an Inventory from the web

In addition to the fact that you can enter the available stock quantities of a product when you create your Precision Systems catalog


You can also make its inventory as many times as necessary from your web administrator interface.


To do this;


  • Log in to your administrator interface from the web or on your myPrecision mobile application

  • On the sidebar on the left side of your screen, scroll down to the " Stock Management " section and then go to the " Stock Status "or "Product Status" section



This way you will have the choice to display the stock status by product or by store.


Once your choice is made,

Click on the button illustrated with a gear on the line of the product or the store respectively according to the previous choice you have made.

This way, you will have control over the modification of the corresponding "Quantity" field


After filling in the inventoried quantities, press the green button on the right   to confirm your insertion and apply your changes.

Repeat the operation as many times as necessary for each of the stores/products concerned by the inventory and it's done!