How to add products in Precision Systems

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A well-configured catalog is essential to the success of your store.

It will allow you to set up a powerful sales process, generate clear reports and better manage your inventory.

Adding your products in the right way is the best way to achieve this.

Types of products:

Here are the 3 types of products you can add to your store

Simple product : 


This type of product is a single product, without variants and which has its own inventory

Product with variants :

This type of product is actually a group of products that are similar but are offered in different variants such as: several sizes, colors, ...

Each variant of this product has its own inventory and is independent from the rest of the products in its group.

Composite product :

This type of product corresponds to a set of different products, which are assembled to create a set of products that we want to sell as a single unit.

Each single product or a product variant can be part of a composite product


Understanding Product Data Fields

Precision Systems caters to merchants in many different fields, each operating in a distinct industry and with their own unique goals and needs.

That's why we've designed a set of data fields for your product catalog data entry.

In order to understand the usefulness of each of the data fields that are proposed to you and how to use them, we invite you to consult the guide  Understanding my store's product fields to complete the information that is shared with you in this article.

Adding products to your catalog

There are 3 ways to add products to your catalog

  • Quick add with the quick add feature
  • Adding a product individually
  • Adding a product in bulk using a spreadsheet


  1. Adding a product quickly with the quick add function 

Using this feature allows you to save time by quickly creating a new product without having to fill in all the information related to it to make it operational, 

For more information about this feature see our Quick Add Product feature guide in Precision Systems.


 2. Adding Products Individually

Simple Product: How to add a simple product

Variant Product: How to add a variant product

Composite Product: How to add a composite product

3. Adding products in bulk 

To add your products in bulk and build your catalog, you will need to use a spreadsheet (CSV, XLSX or XLS) so that each product in your catalog will be imported into the store in your Precision Systems workspace with all its related data.

To accomplish this, we recommend that you read How to Bulk Import Products into my Precision Systems Catalog