How to add a simple product


A simple product is a single product, without variants and which has its own inventory. 

To add this type of product

Start by opening your Precision Systems' web interface. 

From your menu, located on the left side of your screen as a sidebar, scroll down to the "Settings" section and go to "Settings".

If you can't see the menu, click on the 3 dashes below the Precision Systems' logo to show it, then the circle to the right of the logo if you want to hide it.

Choose "Products" from the displayed icons

Then press the "Add" button to start creating your product.

Here you can enter the required product information to be able to add it to your store's store in Precision Systems

Start by inserting a picture of your product, drag one into the left field intended for it, browse the library of your computer by pressing "Select a file" or activate the camera and take a picture of it directly by pressing "Camera".

In the "Title" field give your product a name,

Note that:

This is the same title that will appear as the product name in your reports, inventory management and on your sales screen.

Continue by filling in the required fields up to the description field

For more assistance in filling out your product data fields and understanding the purpose of each field, we invite you to consult the - Understanding My Store Product Fields- guide.

Once you have finished filling in all the information fields about your product, choose "Simple product" from the 2 buttons that will be displayed at the bottom of the form.

Then fill in the fields displayed.

Enter the selling price of your product in the "Price" field

Its promotional price (optional), as well as the expiry date of the application of the latter. (if there is a promotion)

If your sales are made in several currencies, you can choose the data related to the selling price of the product for each of the currencies used in your store(s).

To do so, simply click on the "Price by currency" button in the "Action" column located on the right side of your screen.

A discussion box will be displayed, in which you can enter the price of the product, its VAT and its promotional price for each of the currencies used for your sales then validate.

Please note that:

This button will only be displayed if you have entered

 several currencies when configuring your stores.

The amounts displayed in the "Price" fields of this chat box will be the result of an automatic conversion taking into account the real time exchange rates.

However, you can modify the "Prices" fields according to other criteria and at your discretion directly on the fields in question. 

If the prices of the same product are different from one store to another, you can enter the price of the product for each store by pressing the "Price by store" button

A chat box will appear and you will only have to fill in the product data fields for each of your stores

Then, simply click on "add product" at the end of the form to validate the creation of the product and find it in your catalog.

To modify or add information to the products you have created, consult our guide How to modify a product in Precision Systems.