How to add a product with variants


A product with variants is actually a group of products that are similar but are offered in different variants, for example: several sizes, colors, ...etc


Each variant of this product is a single stock keeping unit (SKU) and its inventory is independent of the products that are similar to it.

Each product can have as many attributes as needed.

In turn, each attribute can have as many variations as required.


Each combination of attributes and declinations, therefore forms a product variant.



Product with variants:  Pants


Attribute 1: Size

Variations - Attribute 1: S, M, L


Attribute 2: Color

Variations - Attribute 2: Red, Blue, Black


Variant 1: Pants - S - Black

Variation #2: Pants - M - Blue

... etc


Add a product with Variant:

To proceed to add a product with variant to your catalog in Precision,

Go to the web in your administrator interface settings.

Choose "Products" from the icons displayed

                                  Then press the "Add" button to start creating your product.

Here you can enter the required product information to be able to add it to your store's store in Precision.

Start by inserting an image of your product; drag one into the left field, browse your computer's library by pressing 

Click on "Select a file" or activate the camera and take a picture of it directly by clicking on "Camera".

In the field "Title" give a name to your product,

(example: Pot)

Note that:

This is the same title that will appear as the product name in your reports, inventory management and on your sales screen.

Continue by filling in the required fields up to the description field

For more assistance in filling out your product data fields and understanding the purpose of each field, we invite you to consult the Understanding My Store Product Fields guide.

Once you have finished filling in all the product information fields, choose "Product with variants" from the 2 buttons displayed at the bottom of the form.


In the field on the right, you can select an attribute to your product from the drop-down list or add one (attribute example: Material).

Note that:

To add an attribute, simply type its title in the appropriate field and then press the "Enter" key on your keyboard. 

The attribute will be added to the attributes proposed in the drop-down list.

The same goes for its declinations.

Declinations of the attribute:

In the field on the right, you can also select or add declinations to the attribute you have determined (example of declination: plastic, terracotta, porcelain)

Note that:

Same as adding an attribute, you can add a declination by typing its title and then pressing the "Enter" key on your keyboard.

Once you have finished inserting your first attribute and its related declinations, you can repeat the operation as many times as necessary to add additional variant attributes by pressing "+Add Attribute".

To delete an attribute, simply press the button to the right of each attribute section.

A list of variants will form as you add attributes and variations to your product.

The variants displayed in this list will represent all possible combinations 


Product: Pot

Attribute 1: Material

Declination- Attribute 1: Plastic, Clay, Porcelain

Attribute 2: Size

Declination - Attribute 2: Large, Small

Variations: 1 - Pot: Plastic - Large

                    2 - Pot: Plastic - Small

                    3 - Pot: Clay - Large

                    4 - Pot : Clay - Small

                    5 - Pot : Porcelain - Large

                    6 - Pot : Porcelain - Small


You will be able to fill in the information for each of the variants in the fields dedicated to it

Note that:

You can choose to keep or remove a variant among those generated by checking or unchecking respectively the checkbox located on the right.

You can also choose to show or hide columns by pressing "Filter Columns" at the top right of your variant list.

Once you have finished inserting the required data, press "Add product" at the end of the form, in order to validate the creation of the product and be able to find it in your catalog.

To modify or add information to the products you have created, see our guide How to modify a product in precision.