Guide to setting up Precision Systems on your hardware

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Guide to setting up Precision Systems on your hardware


This article was written to assist you in setting up Precision Systems on your IPad/IPhone

So we recommend that you follow the step-by-step guide for a successful start.

First, start by installing the Precision Systems POS app on your iPad from the Appstore.

Once that's done, press the "create an account" button to start the setup.



Then start the creation of your account by filling in the fields displayed on the screen;

Step 1:


First, fill in your name, followed by your phone number, then your best email address. 


Please note:

This address will be used as your identifier for all interactions with Precision and you will receive all your store management, billing and tracking alerts on it.

You will also receive a validation code to confirm this address in the next step.


then choose a password for your Precision Systems account and press "next" at the bottom of the screen


Note that:

The following button becomes active once you have filled in all the required fields: Name, Mail, Phone and Password.



Step 2: 


Fill in the information about your company, so to complete it, enter the name of your company, then press the "Profession" field to 

to tell us more about your activity. 



Note that:

Each profession choice triggers the activation of the features that are adapted to it, so you will benefit from the intelligence designed for yours.

The country and currency data are automatically retrieved from your device, but you can change them if they are not correct from the corresponding fields.


Step 3:

You are now ready to set up your store!

Enter the name of your store, then choose its opening time.


Note that:

The opening time allows Precision Systems to identify the end of day D and the beginning of D+1 

So that the results of each day are grouped and processed separately allowing you to track performance, calculate variances, view the day's sales, ...


Then press the "logo" field to import your logo from the library of your device, take a picture or other …


Note that:

The logo you choose will be printed on your receipts and tickets,

However, you can change it afterwards by going to the settings.

Then write the message you would like to see in the footer of your receipts for your customers.



your returns policy, your tax IDs, your website address, a current promotion, ...

You can change it later by going to settings.


Enter the default VAT rate applicable to most of your products in the VAT field and press Next.


Note that:

You will be able to change the VAT later for a specific product or products.


Step 4:

You are almost done...

Now activate your account by checking your inbox, and fill in the "code" field with the activation code we sent you to authenticate yourself and complete the configuration of your Precision Systems account

Then activate the necessary operating authorizations to get the most out of all Precision Systems' features.


Congratulations! You can now start growing your business with Precision Systems

Press the button at the bottom of the page to get started!

Your account is now activated and you can start using the free version of Precision Systems .