Clocking cards - How to generate employees' ID cards

With the clocking feature integrated into your Precision Systems POS management solution, you can automate the calculation of your employees' work hours and record their tardiness and absences.


To do this, your employees will need clocking or ID cards


Your employees' clocking cards are automatically generated by Precision Systems when their profiles are created in your user database.


Here's how to access them:


 1- Log in to your Myprecision administrator interface


2-  Scroll down to the sidebar menu on the left side of your screen, then go to "Parameters"


3- Go to "Users".


4- Choose one of your collaborators and open its file


5- Click on the blue icon to the right of your collaborator's name to display their card


You will then have access to your employee's clocking card, which will contain his name, his ID and the QR code he will have to scan to perform clocking.


You will then be able to print it by pressing the button

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