"Being present online when you have a physical store is useless”

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"Being present online when you have a physical store is useless”


Yes, it's not just a trend, in fact it's a powerful lever to use to make your business take off.

If you don't want to be one of the forgotten ones and become a "has-been" or a "never-been" (if you've just started), it's in your best interest to follow the rules that govern the modern world in which we live to ensure your sustainability.

And this includes improving your online visibility.

Today, no less than 80% of buyers do an online search before making a purchase.

Indeed, before buying, the consumer inquires a minimum on the net 

to know if what they are looking for is available, and if so, where they have to go to get it.

You must therefore make sure that you appear among the results that will be displayed to him during his research to be able to hope to attract him to your store.

Note however that it is not only a question here of having a presence that could be described as a ghost presence by limiting itself to the creation of a simple website.

But it's really about making your website a real customer magnet, and that means optimizing it on a regular basis.

By this I mean a daily update of all the changes that will be made in your store and that could affect your customers, whether it is a change of menu or schedules, new arrivals/collections, promotions in progress or to come ... etc.

And it's not just about your website, you need to be everywhere your target could be, 

The secret is to be in the air of time by taking into account the behavior of the modern consumer.

In other words, don't limit yourself to a single channel but exploit everything that will be exploitable at your level,

Instagram, Facebook, and to name only two, are among the platforms that have proven themselves.

So dedicate some of your efforts to exploit this gold mine (or customer mine)

and take advantage of the benefits that digitalization offers you!