Advertising on Instagram : Why & How ?

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No matter what type of business you have ,in Instagram gives you, you have the possibility to increase the visibility of your project easily and without having a deep digital marketing knowledge .

In this article , you will learn more about advertising on this social media .

Why advertise on Instagram ?

As a new business owner , the first step to have revenues is to promote your product or service . 

Well , to create a community and grow your business , a presence on Instagram is crucial . On this platform , more than 500 million accounts worldwide are active every day. So honestly , why not ? 

How to advertise on Instagram ?

First of all , you need a strategy to post on social media . Will you be posting everyday ? How many posts ? What posts ? All these questions must be answered so you can prepare in advance the tactics you can use . 

You have two possible advertising formats in stories: a photo or a video. Consider that the ad content appears between each story viewed by your followers.

You can also display the ad content in full screen , it’s called ‘Instant Experience Format’ , but don’t forget : on Instagram, you can't upload videos that are longer than 60 seconds.


Run an ad on Instagram:

 Once you prepare your ad content , you must promote your content with these simple steps :

   On Instagram , go to the post you shared , and click on “promote” :

  • You choose to redirect people to : your profile , your website or direct posts on Instagram .
  • You identify the text of your call to action.
  • You will need to name your audience,  choose their interests , a location, indicate gender and age.
  • Select the amount you are dedicating to this ad promotion.
  • Indicate the duration of ad .
  • You can see a preview of your ad. Indicate your payment method, then validate.

As you see , it’s so simple to have an engaged community in this platform . A last advice , to make people want to look at your ad, it must be really attractive. You must therefore take a spacial care of your visual !